Bill Balisteri Youth Leader Bill has been a youth leader since 2012. Passionate about speaking to youth and others about the Gospel of the Hope of forgiveness to eternal life. Goal is to care for those who are the Emergents as well as bringing new youth to care for. The heart and skill for both of these goals is developed in the position of Christian Education, Mission and Outreach Coordinator of Lake View Community Church
Donna Szymanski Youth Leader / Worship Leader Donna joined the team in early 2014, bringing skills of youth leadership, biblical teaching and gifted musical talent. Donna brings these skills from the church in her position with Lake View Community Church as Music Director, Sunday School Superintendant and teacher and through her education with degree in Early Childhood Education
Andy Frudd Pastor Pastor Andy joined Lake View Community Church in 2014 and brings 25 years ministry experience and Christian Education, building and leading youth groups for many of these years. His gifts and talents also include unique relatable preaching, teaching, counseling, and starting and energizing ministries. With the addition of Andy to the LVCC/Emergent team we are now able to have youth experience meeting Jesus on a weekly basis. As Directory of the Epi-Center ministries, we are able to partner with team members who bring a wide array of gifts and talents.